A software solution for your business

For more than 10 years, Tetra Solution is a fierce supplier of software solutions and services. The experience we’ve gathered over the last 10 years ensures we have all the necessary knowledge to help our customers reach their goals.


ERP outsourcing

The service includes install and maintain enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. We determine ERP needs, implement ERP solutions, and integrate ERP technologies with existing systems. The company operates like an ERP specialist in your company.


Property management solution

We provide the property management software that supports apartments, dormitories, and hotels. The functions offer the entire tenant life cycle from reservation until leaving. Monitor vacant rooms, generate a bill and collect rent. The system can provide tailor-made financial reports through customization.


Time attendance

The company offers a software solution that can read the data from your punch card machine and connect it for further expansion. The officer can check the attendance records, over-time working, late, and leave history. The system generates a summary report and connects to other systems, e.g., accounting software or ERP system.

The best way to prevent disruption is digital information

“All is flux. Nothing stays still” - ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus - today, an enterprise faces the biggest challenges in the history of a living person. Our goal is to be your business partner to help you. Your job is to focus on your business. Leave hard jobs to us, software. We have the experiences and knowledge to assist you in adopting a software solution for your business. You only need to contact us, and we do the rest.